How Do You Know?...Thumbs Down

I have to apologize for the lag in movie reviews...the holiday season really had me held captive and I couldn't manage to get to the movies or sit down long enough to see an older movie.  So again I apologize to all my avid readers out there ;)  Anyway I'm back now and I am ready to talk movies with you again!!

Most recently I went to the movies to see How Do You Know.  The previews made this film look promising, a feel-good film for the holiday season, that may even be what the previews promised and what the film was marketed as.  Unfortunately, this was not the case, and I am so upset that after my month-long hiatus, I had to return with a film that was less than satisfactory to review.  To think this film beat out The Fighter for what I should review this week.  Wrong choice...very wrong choice.  

So many things went wrong with this movie, where do I even begin?  About 15 minutes into the movie I looked around and let out a sigh that I would have to endure about an hour and half more of sheer boredom.  However, I will say thanks to Paul Rudd, I was able to stay awake.  He kept me laughing in his quirky, sort of comedic timing way.  His dialogue matched his delivery and his facial expressions were priceless.  Although that wasn't enough to carry the movie, it was enough to keep me from leaving.

One thing that went wrong from the beginning was the professions that the writer and director, James L. Brooks, gave the characters.  Reese Witherspoon's character, Lisa, was a USA softball player who gets cut from the team...a softball player...really?? In a movie that has nothing to do with baseball and doesn't move the story along at all or contribute to the storyline whatsoever, was not smart and only confuses the viewers as to what the point of it all is.  Paul Rudd's character, George, was no better suited with George being a corporate executive under scrutiny by the government.  The fact that Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson didn't really do much for the movie is also very unfortunate and further validates what poor excuse for a movie this really was.  Sadly, it's harsh but true.

The problem is, this story is one we've all seen before, except in an over complicated way.  Whenever George was facing his troubles with  the law it was so annoying to watch and it over-complicated the plot. And to think James L. Brooks, is the same person who brought us As Good As It Gets, an amazing movie in my book.  I hope that wasn't as good as it gets Mr. Brooks because How Do You Know did not match up in the least.

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