"Fall" for Movies!

As the leaves begin to change and we uncover our jackets...the fall brings us more than just the cool weather.  This fall is going to bring us some serious heavy hitters! Get ready for it!

Here are some of the ones I'm looking forward to and some that I think may be a flop:

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps
September 24th

Who doesn't love a sequel? And Shia Labeouf? ...Enough said.

Check out the trailer here:

Now a movie that I'm not so sure about:

September 24th (limited release)

Ryan Reynolds is trapped underground with only a cell phone and a lighter as co-stars.  This movie has been heralded as "for the suspense-lover" but "not for the claustrophobic".  An interesting concept, but whether the movie itself will actually be interesting is yet to be seen.

Watch the trailer for yourself...

I hope this is good:

The Social Network
October 1st

A movie about the most popular social network on the planet.  Facebook has grown into a multi-million, or should I say billion, dollar phenomenon. Now we can watch and see how it all began, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and Justin Timberlake : )

I'm sure these last three will be great:

October 15th

As the tagline says, "The incredible story of Betty Anne Waters", and oh what an incredible story it is!  After just only watching the preview, I cannot wait to see this movie!  I already know that I will have to wait to see it until October 17th, but please check back on the 18th for my comments.  This movie looks like it has Academy Award written all over it!  Hilary Swank plays Betty Anne Waters, a working mother, "who puts herself through law school", to defend her brother, played by Sam Rockwell, who is convicted for murder.  This movie promises to be gripping and smart.  A must see...I can feel it!

Check out the trailer for yourself:

The Company Men
October 22nd

The Company Men is the first film adapted, covering the current economic climate.  Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner are just some of the names in this film.  Whether you've been there, or are still there now, I'm sure this film will be relatable.

Welcome to the Rileys
October 29th

After the death of their teenage daughter, Doug Riley, played by James Gandolfini, takes a business trip to New Orleans where he meets a teenage prostitute, played by Twilight's Kristen Stewart, and attempts to care for her as his own daughter.  I am excited to see a harsher side of Kristen Stewart and a softer side of James Gandolfini in this touching drama.

These are just a few films that I can't wait to see! Which of these will you be going to see? Choose your favorite in the poll on the right, under the "Blog Archive" section.--->

Check back for my opinion of these fall films!

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Takers: A Summer Letdown

I had been patiently waiting to see Takers for a while, having seen an early preview a couple of months ago, and was disappointed, noticing the release date as August 28th.  I finally got to see it this past weekend.  To my utter dismay, it was far from what I expected.

At about 15 minutes in, I had to tell myself not to panic, that it would get better, and that it just started.  I waited for it to get better.  When the credits rolled at the end, I realized, it was over, and that the moment I had waited for never came.  You would think with Michael Ealy, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, Jay Hernandez, Matt Dillon, Chris Brown and T.I. (okay maybe not Chris Brown and T.I. in terms of acting, but you never know, it could happen) that we had a movie.  Not so.  Not so at all.

I read somewhere that if you liked Ocean’s 11, you’ll love Takers.  Did that person see Takers?   I can only imagine that this person only saw the trailer and was as misguided as I was, because if they saw the movie there is no way such a comparison could have been made.  And I can’t just blame the writers for lack of a compelling story, because the acting was bad too.  It was almost as if this was an hour and forty-seven minute amateur film and that these actors had just graduated from the academy.  Idris Elba, for example, who naturally has a British accent, kept switching back and forth between his British accent and the American accent that he typically uses when playing in films.  Did Idris Elba forget what role he was playing? Did the director not notice this? Or did he just figure no one else would notice? Because I did, and I’m sure I was not the only one.

I spent most of the time asking myself three questions:  How long have I been here? What do I have to do later? And, when is this over?  There’s always one sure-fire way to tell if you’re enjoying yourself or not.  If you ever have to ask yourself what time it is, you’re not, especially in a movie.  In a movie you’re supposed to get lost in the story and you’re supposed to be on their time, following the characters every move, going where they go and forgetting that you’re seated in a theater amongst 600 others.  When you watch a good movie and you feel like it might be ending soon, you might find yourself getting sad because you’re soon going to have to say goodbye to these people that you have come to know and go back to your own reality.  It is very hard to do if your mind won’t let you rest because it is so concerned with the time.  And when you become unsure of whether you are watching a comedy because everyone seated around you is laughing, at what I’m sure was not supposed to be funny, or T.I.’s incredibly annoying voice which will make you want to claw your eyeballs out.  At that point, you’ll wish this was a joke and that you could get your money back.

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