Jumping The Broom: A Mother's Day Treat

Finally back to the movies...Jumping The Broom.  Jumping The Broom is a film about the Watsons and the Taylors, two families from different worlds, that are forced to come together for the wedding of Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) and Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso).  Because these two families do not meet until the weekend of the wedding, the drama that ensues is hilarious.  Although, it starts off a little slow, once all of the characters arrive at the beach house, everything starts to fall into place.  

Loretta Devine who plays Pam Taylor, and Angela Bassett who plays Claudine Watson, both great actresses in my book, do a fine job of portraying two strong, outspoken mothers with their childrens' best interest at heart.

There are plenty of laughs and feel-good moments thanks to both Mike Epps who plays Jason's uncle, Willie Earl, and DeRay Davis who plays Malcolm, Jason's cousin.
Tasha Smith, who is also one of my favorite actresses for always being so entertaining, did not let me down!  She plays Shonda, Pam's best friend, who has caught the eye of Sabrina's 20 year old cousin Sebastian, played by Romeo Miller, also known as Lil Romeo.

This is such a cute movie, I really enjoyed it!  It is a great introduction to summer and with the movie set at Martha's Vineyard, it'll make you feel like you are a guest at the wedding and that the summer is finally on its way!

As a side note having also seen Madea's Family Reunion, which I really didn't like, (so much so that I didn't have anything to say about it) I felt this was an overall better script and was much funnier. Tyler Perry's old jokes are just not funny anymore.  I think this film had a better take on the family dynamic and didn't force jokes down your throat as Perry did in his latest film. 

Check out the preview for Jumping The Broom below:

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