Crazy, Stupid, Love: Hilariously Entertaining! Terrific!


I have a habit of looking to see what movies will be coming out way before their release date and when I ran across this one, the previews had me counting down the days until the release.  I even went as far as putting this movie up on my Facebook page as the must-see movie of the summer.  Granted, I wasn't too excited about the sequels that were set to come out this summer (aside from The Hangover), as you can probably guess from my lack of summer movie posts.  I will say however, that I think the industry saved up most of its energy for August, and plans to end the summer with a bang! At least that is my feeling with this one,...this movie is a winner! 

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a film about Cal (Steve Carell), who while going through a divorce, after his wife cheats on him, reinvents himself with the help of a ladies man, Jacob (Ryan Gosling).  

First off, the movie is incredibly funny! Going into it, I had no idea just how funny the script was going to be.  I had a good idea that there would be some laughs with Emma Stone, who plays Hannah, and Steve Carell, because those two are funny as is, but Ryan where the true surprise lies.  This is Ryan Gosling's first comedy and he nails it!  He is smart and witty and delivers every line in short quick bursts with ease.  In short, he is amazing! He brings just as many laughs to the table as Steve Carell, a known funny guy.  He is great! 

The perfect cast was put in place for the film. Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon fit together like pieces of a puzzle, complementing each other so well. I must stop here to pin-point Steve Carell. His acting is superb!! He is multi-dimensional and phenomenal. He fuses together the depth that he brought to his character in Little Miss Sunshine with the comedic timing that he used to bring to every episode of The Office! Well done!

She rises to the occasion!
I was also interested to see how newcomer (you may know her from America's Next Top Model) Analeigh Tipton would do in her role as Jessica after reading this:

This movie is grab-your-side, laugh-out-loud, funny all the way through! It is a very fun time at the movies! The movie is just so genuine and good.  I waited and waited for this and I was not disappointed!

If you haven't seen the preview yet, see it here:


Dr Kirnon said...

After reading this review, I must add this movie to my must see list. Thanks for adding the trailer, I can't wait to check it out1

Movies To See Today said...

Yes! I couldn't wait to see it and I loved it!

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