The Fighter...Wins!

I am really excited about this film, as I was going to see it the last time that I was at the movies, but unfortunately chose to go with How Do You Know instead.  This time, I had actually set out to see Black Swan but it was sold out.  So it seems it was meant to be, The Fighter and I were meant to be united, and what a delightful film experience it was.  

First off, the acting here is really superb! The cast put on phenomenal performances!  The nominations are endless...the Golden Globes, the Critics' Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and I am sure the Oscars, are well deserved and I hope it picks up the win in each of the categories that it is listed under.  The Fighter has heart! It has depth! It has meaning!  

This movie is based on a true story about what happens when you let others get in the way of your success.  Micky, played by Mark Wahlberg, is a young fighter trying to make it in the ring but with his crack addicted brother, Dicky, played by Christian Bale, ultimately sabotaging his chances, he fails every time.   


Christian Bale! Christian Bale! I can't say enough about him!  He does an incredible job portraying a crack addict! He had the behavior and actions down to a science where you really felt for the way in which drugs can take over a person's life and kill a person's dreams, sometimes also killing the dreams of those around you.  Melissa Leo, who played Micky and Dicky's mother, Alice, also did a fantastic job representing  a mother who only saw her son and couldn't see the drug addiction. This led to her being unable to provide for Micky when he needed her most.  The warped mentality of the family as a whole, with the exception of Micky's father, is a sight to be seen.  Amy Adams' character, Charlene, was a light at the end of the tunnel, providing a voice of reason and speaking truth to Micky at a time when he needed to hear it and no one else was saying so.

This movie has a really great message behind it about never letting others stand in the way of your future.  It shows us how people can steal your dream from you, if you let them.  You are ultimately in control of your own destiny, but you need to have good people behind you, in your corner, to help you make it; people who will selflessly be there for you to help you win.  

Excellent story! Incredible cast! This is a great movie! Well worth the accolades that it has already received and will continue to receive in the coming weeks, I'm sure. 


Dr Kirnon said...

This is an enthusiastic review with consideration of your consistent fair reviews, this one is a must see on my list.

Movies To See Today said...

Yes! A must see!

Anonymous said...

We should've seen this movie instead! Now I will have to go see it!

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