The Green Hornet...Hits & Misses

I saw The Green Hornet this past weekend in 3-D.  To get right to the point, I have to say, I think it was a bit mediocre.  There were aspects of the movie that I enjoyed but overall I think there were a few things that needed to be adjusted.  The movie is about a young guy named Britt Reid, played by Seth Rogen, who comes from a wealthy background being that his father is the head of the city's newspaper.  His father dies pretty early on in the film from a bee sting and Britt realizes that the city needs some cleaning up and therefore comprises the role of a superhero named The Green Hornet.   Britt fights crime with his father's assistant who becomes his sidekick, Kato, played by Jay Chou.  The catch is, the two not really knowing anything much about being superheroes, decide to pose as villains in order to throw off the bad guys.  They rely on Cameron Diaz's character, Lenore, who is Britt's secretary to unknowingly guide them along the way.

The fighting scenes were great! In the original series Kato, was played by Bruce Lee so one can expect the fighting scenes to live up to a certain standard that was set by the original series.  And Seth Rogen allowed for a few laughs in the film.  I will give the movie that.  

But what was most disappointing about the film was the villain, Chudnofsky, played by Christoph Waltz.  Action movies need a good villain who is bad enough to make the audience squirm in their seats.  Take The Dark Knight where Heath Ledger undeniably played a terrific villain as The Joker, or Gary Oldman who played Stansfield, a dirty cop, in The Professional--amazing!  The point is, an action film is only as good or as bad as its villain.  The strength of the villain measures the strength of the hero.  A good villain needs to be a little sinister, a little crazy, and a lot smart.  I think the movie would have done better had it stuck with James Franco as the villain, who made an appearance in one of the first few scenes.  His character seemed better suited for the role.  This really made the film more of a miss to me because I felt like Chudnofsky was not threatening enough.  If this were a reality, the police could have easily taken him down on their own, and if that's the case, who needs a superhero?


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I'm not really into these kind of movies but after talking with an enthusiastic fan of the Green Hornet (who had not yet seen the movie)I was considering it. Your reviews really helps me avoid wasting my time and money. Well, I'm off to Twitter to save others with a link to this Blog.

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Thank you!!

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